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ZuLu PuNx Competetive teams are now really gaining momentum.

We are currently LF3 to attend @am2pro in Leicester in February, HMU @ GT PsyDuck Zp


ZuLu PuNx is a competetive, friendly UK based Call Of Duty gaming community, sponsored by SharQ Controllers & partners with G2A & NoScopeglasses.

Also looking for other UK  / EU clans for Clan v Clan, 6’s, publics invitations, challenges.  Please drop me a message GTag: PsyDuck Zp or LEGEND Zp

The core members have been together since the days of Modern Warfare 2 and we’re reqularly involved in Game Battles, Ghosts Wars & Scrims and we’re always on the look out for new partners & the right new talent.

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